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Wand Mobile Phones is a big name owing to the excellent services we provide. Are you looking for a great mobile contract deal? Have you made applications elsewhere and been declined? Do you have a bad credit history and are afraid you may be rejected? If your answer is yes to all or any of the above questions, then you have found the best service provider able to take care of your needs. We are a company that is able to wave a magic wand over your request making the phone desired on your application come true in an instant.
Wand Mobile Phones is driven at helping you get the highest acceptance rate on your contract phone application. This is made possible by the guidance that our teams of staff offer. All applicants are directed to start on the simple and free application process using the site application platform. This links our clients to our staff who then take charge in availing clients personalized services that are able to meet the client’s needs. Since we practice no discrimination, individuals with both good and bad credit rating can apply for a mobile contract through our site. This means that a poor credit history should not make an applicant shy away but on the contrary take an opportunity to improve their credit rating through taking a contract.
Wand Mobile Phones has a simple and free application process made available to clients. This includes filling application form, selecting a deal, and waiting for approval. Completing this process needs no high level of literacy among the applicants and one incurs no charge to access a phone contract of their desire.
Filling application form: This is a simple process that will only take a few seconds. The applicant is expected to fill a free application form provided on the site. This form asks for simple basic details of the applicant. Filling the form puts the applicant under no obligation to take up the contract.
Select a deal: After completing the application form, details on the deals available for the applicant are made available. As the applicant, you get an opportunity to view the details of the deals and choose one that suits your needs and matches your financial circumstances.
Wait for approval: After selecting a deal, the next step is in waiting for approval from the network service company. The selection is usually forwarded to the company thus waiting for the approval. When approved, the phone is usually delivered by the company to the applicant.
What you can get
Making an application for a mobile contract through Wand Mobile Phones is advantageous. This is because you will be able to get many achievements. You will stand out to be in a better position making an application through us when compared to other mobile contract sites. These advantages include:

  • Instant results on application. When you apply for a mobile contract through Wand Mobile Phones, you will receive instant responses from our team of staff regarding the offers available
  • Applicants get exposed to high acceptance rates. This means that an applicant is more likely to get a contract through our site. This is despite the fact that you may have a bad credit rating.
  • Applicants have access to more devices. We have liaised with network companies that offer a wide range of gadgets, from the latest smart phones to low cost handsets to ensure that our clients are able to get a variety of deals. In fact, other companies such as Yes Phone can't offer you as many options as we can.
  • Indiscriminate issuing of mobile contracts. We make it possible for clients with no credit rating, poor credit rating, and good credit rating get mobile phones. This has opened up our services to all sorts of clients in the UK region.
  • Free application process. We offer free application services to clients. The client is also not put under any obligation to take up a deal for filling the online application form.

In as much as we strive to offer our clients the best deals, we do not promise them no credit check mobile phones or Guaranteed phones. We always desire to work by honesty and this means being forthright with our clients. We want our clients to understand that ‘No credit checks and ‘Guaranteed mobile phones’ are only advanced to clients who seek Pay As You Go (PAYG) services but never on contract phones. While companies like GMPC promise their clients ‘No credit check’ contract phone, it is good to understand that you will have to pass certain credit checks to get a phone. Depending on the check, the charges against the contract will vary. Our honesty policy has been an attractive feature that makes Wand Mobile Phones desirable. We are the service provider you can get as far as it concerns contract phones.

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