About Us

Wand Mobile Phones is a bad credit mobile phones application site under operation by a team of staff with skills in leading clients to the best phone deals in the UK region. Our main aim is in making contract mobile phone services reachable to all clients. This has forced us to go to far lengths searching for mobile network companies that offer quality deals for clients. Over the years, we have been working well with these companies and thus helping thousands of individuals get mobile contracts that they want. We not only want to help clients get just any deals but the best deals. This has been made possible through open communications with our clients helping them see the deals that best suits them.
Clients whose applications have been declined by other sites as well as those who have a bad credit rating will find Wand Mobile Phones particularly useful. This is because we seek to offer clients the best deals and thus want to analyze your details to get the best deals that suit your circumstances. We do not seek to understand the client’s past financial state but look at their present circumstances to help us deliver the best services. 
Wand Mobile Phones does not promise clients ‘No credit check’s or ‘Guaranteed mobiles’ on their applications. We also caution our clients from running to sites that offer such services. We know that such promises usually lead to very expensive deals and also that in many cases, the claims to offer ‘No credit checks’ are usually untrue.
If you are seeking to apply for a mobile phone contract with the hope of having your application accepted, this is the platform to use.

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