What do I do to get a contract mobile?
If you desire to access a contract mobile phone, you need to apply for one. We advice applicants to use the online application form on our site to get access to the best deals available. We have been able to help thousands access contract mobile phones.
I have a bad credit rating; can I get a contract mobile?
Yes. We give individuals with bad credit rating contract mobile phones. We offer a variety of clients including those who have been denied contracts before due to their credit rating a chance to get a contract mobile phone.
Do you have limits as to the phone I can access?
No. We let the clients circumstances as well as desires determine the phone the client can have. The credit rating, cost of contract, and the client’s financial status usually determines the phone one can get. An individual’s choice from the deals available also determines the contract mobile one receives.
Does making a late payment have a negative effect on my credit account?
Yes. Failure to pay in good time has a negative impact on your credit rating. Since many creditors usually rely on information regarding your credit rating to know if you will pay back a loan in good time, it is good to pay the amount required on time. This helps in keeping a clean credit record.
How much do you charge clients for services?
Our services are free of charge to clients. We help link our clients to networks that provide deals that suit their needs. Clients are not expected to make any payment to receive our services. The contract mobile phone applications are free.
Does making several applications for contract mobile phones have any effect?
Yes. Making an application means that the company involved will pull out a report on your credit history. This is usually part of the routine checks carried out by network providers offering contract mobile phones. Several applications in a small time period mean that your credit report will be pulled several times. This normally reflects on the credit report and can spoof off creditor companies. We normally advice our clients to avoid making numerous trial applications for contract mobile phones since it will have a negative report on their rating.

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