Our Clients

Wand Mobile Phones have very flexible eligibility requirements for applicants. These are as per the agreement we have with contract mobile phone service providers. Clients who are in a position to meet the basic eligibility requirements can apply for contract phones and have a higher chance of landing a good contract phone deal. The basic requirements for clients include:

  • Must be a UK resident
  • Must be 18 years and above
  • Must have a stable source of income

Applicants are required to make an online application and wait for our team of staff to guide them through the process. During the application, the clients are required to fill their names and addresses to allow our staff to get back to them just as the case in Phones For All.
Who we help
Wand Mobile Phones is determined to help people with different personalities and circumstances. Among the people we help are:
Individuals with bad credit
Wand Mobile Phones is set out to help individuals that have a bad credit rating. A bad credit rating usually makes it hard for such individuals to get contract mobile phones from different sites and companies. In many cases, their applications are usually declined. We on the other hand want to help such individuals get the phones and contracts they desire. We do not look at their past credit history but want to focus on their current financial ability and help them get decent contract mobiles at a good fee.
First time applicants
Wand Mobile Phones also helps first time applicants and those who have no credit history. Those who have never applied for a contract mobile or any credit before may feel pressure when seeking to apply for one not knowing how it goes. The process may also seem so confusing for many especially the young since these may have no credit history. It is never too late to get a mobile contract for such individuals. We offer help and tips to such clients on how to build a credit history and also help them through the contract mobile application process. Our guide to applying for a mobile contract is usually effective in providing the information needed to get a deal.
People looking for SIM only contracts We have plenty of SIM only contracts to offer our clients. This contract is usually good for individuals with a poor credit or no credit rating. We help our clients get access to SIM only contracts from all the major UK networks. These contracts are the best for such individuals since they are low cost and are also short term. They allow an individual the chance to repair their credit rating as well as build a credit history.

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