Bad credit mobile phones
Bad credit mobile phone is a feature set up to help individuals with a poor credit rating access phone contracts. Poor credit rating may come about due to various reasons that prevented good repayment of previous debts. Wand Mobile Phones offers bad credit phones to clients thus allowing individuals with poor credit get access to phone contracts. Such individuals can easily access band 1 mobile phones that are low cost. They are advised to start on low cost phones as they improve their credit rating and may in the future be able to access the latest smart phones available in the market as their rating improves. Click to applyClick to apply for bad credit mobile phones here at Wand Mobile Phones.
No credit check
‘No credit check’ has been a marketing campaign used by many sites to market their phones. However, it is good to stop and think about the implications that this claim brings out. People who go looking for this deal are individuals that have a bad credit rating. It is good to keep in mind that all contract phone applications call for a credit check. This means that there is no existence of ‘No credit check’s phone contracts. However, there is a manner in which a contract phone site can ensure that a soft credit check is run on you for the application made. Sites that promise ‘No credit check’s like Contract Phones with Bad Credit usually have inflated deals that sees the applicant paying more for the services offered.
Guaranteed phones
‘Guaranteed phones’ is another team used by contract phones sites to assure their clients that their applications will materialize to a phone contract. This however has not proved to be true among others. Those whose applications have been declined due to various reasons are a sign than ‘Guaranteed phones’ is not a reality. Wand Mobile Phones seek to promise its clients the highest approval rates rather than mention having ‘Guaranteed approval’ for client’s applications.
SIM only contracts
Do you love the phone that you have got and do not seek to get a new phone? We have good news for you. You can easily access our SIM only contracts. This allows you to keep your phone but enjoy mobile services that allow you to talk and SMS your contacts as you wish. The SIM only contracts are usually low cost and see the client using this service pay a small monthly installment for the contract. It is usually ideal for individuals with a bad credit history who want to repair their rating. This contract usually has a higher acceptance when compared to the contract mobile deals and thus easily accessible to all sorts of individuals.
SIM only contracts leave the client at free will to get in and out of the contract as one may wish. They are not as binding as mobile phone contracts that usually go for as long as 2 years grounding a client to a particular network.
Pay as you go
Pay As You Go options are quite different from contract phones. In stead of having the need to pay a set fee for a particular amount of pre determined minutes and texts one adds airtime to the phone by buying vouchers from shops or buy them using a credit card. PAYG option usually offers cheaper options for the users setting them free from costly contract offers. It also allows the users the chance to upgrade their use of phone as much as they want to.

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